• Should I Test My Gut Health? Why A Healthy Microbiome Matters

    Why gut health testing can help you feel your best!
  • The Development of the Gut Microbiome

    By Nishant Mehta Ph.D. candidate   As adults, we have fully matured microbiomes that are constantly interacting with the food we ingest. This conglomeration of hundreds of different bacterial strains works together in synergy to digest food and release byproducts that contribute to our well-being. As humans, we have evolved the capacity to generate new […]

  • What Are Targeted Probiotics?

    Consuming probiotic foods like kombucha, fermented pickles, and kimchi is a great way to add beneficial bacteria to your gut. However, they might n...
  • A Biologist’s Take On Three Common Digestive Disorders

    As perfect as we are all born into this world, the human condition offers some of its own biological challenges for us to deal with while we crawl, walk and start running.   As we know, our body functions as a result of an extremely well-orchestrated symphony involving all the complex bodily processes of digestion, […]

  • What is a Microbiome Test and What Do Probiotics Do?

    Bloating? Skin problems? Weight gain? Here's why you should take a Gut Health Test and start a targeted probiotic subscription!
  • Health Benefits of Bone Broth

    Bone broth is one of the most recent health food trends sweeping the world of wellness. It is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold” due to it’s supposed healing properties and benefits. Does this seemingly simple drink live up to the hype? Let’s discuss the potential benefits of bone broth and how to incorporate this […]

  • 8 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolution for Better Gut Health

    New Year, new you? Keep your New Year's Resolutions and improve you health with these 8 gut healthy tips for 2023.
  • How to Pick a Probiotic That Works

    Not all probiotics are the same. Find the right one for you.
  • Are All of Our Microbiomes the Same?

    Can 2 microbiomes be alike? Here's why your microbiome is unique!
  • How Excessive Antibiotic Use Can Lead To Antibiotics Resistance

    Can too many antibiotics be troublesome?

  • 8 Ways to Cut Bloating

    Bloating can cause stomach pain and embarrassment. Learn how to cut bloating naturally, including the best high-fiber foods to avoid constipation and gas!

  • What Does the Gut Microbiome Do?

    Your gut microbiome is more than just digestion!
  • Go With Your Gut!

    Gain access to food and probiotic recommendations to support
    your digestion, mental health, immunity & more


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