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  • Free Radicals vs Antioxidants: A Molecular War

    “Antioxidants” is the new buzzword in every conversation that revolves around health and diet. Someone once said “Not all heroes wear capes” and here we have our hero saving us from something as devastating as cancer.   There are good guys and bad guys in a story. This is a story about how the antioxidants […]

  • Soy: The Good and Bad About the Effects of Soy

    Health effects of soy consumption are great for those who follow a plant-based diet. However, some may have a soy allergy or experience changes in hormones levels. Learn all about soy products for your wellness routine!

  • Kombucha: Treasure of the Orient

    Today, kombucha is one of the most popular probiotics foods that many consider being a staple beverage for those following a healthy gut diet plan. Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been long heralded for its ability to fight gastrointestinal symptoms and boost overall well-being. Let’s take a closer look at one of the […]

  • The Gut Microbiota and The Immune System

    By Nishant Mehta Ph.D. candidate   The immune system is responsible for detecting and destroying foreign pathogens with the ultimate goal of protecting the host from harm. Through a stringent process of T cell selection, the human immune system is largely depleted of cells that could attack the host, preventing autoimmunity in healthy individuals. The […]

  • Potential Mechanism Behind The Hygiene Hypothesis

    By Jun Kim Ph.D.     Previously the association between gut microbiota and allergy was discussed [Here]. To describe worldwide increased rates of allergies in school children, the hygiene hypothesis was proposed, which subsequently led to the microbial hypothesis as a potential explanation. Given the strong evidence supporting these hypotheses, probiotics treatment has been suggested […]

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease And Microbiome

    By Jun Kim Ph.D.   As discussed previously (here), the main difference between IBD and inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) is that in IBD there is pronounced inflammation, ulcers, or other damages to the bowel, and it is a much more serious problem. Although it is now widely accepted that IBD is associated with alterations in […]

  • Fruit and Nut: Cashews

    This antioxidant-packed nut that is widely consumed across the world originated in the tropics of Latin America, in Brazil. The cashew nut became known to the world through the Portuguese sailor. The Portuguese travelers brought the nut to East Africa and India to cultivate it in the warm, humid climates of the east.   But […]

  • The Development of the Gut Microbiome

    By Nishant Mehta Ph.D. candidate   As adults, we have fully matured microbiomes that are constantly interacting with the food we ingest. This conglomeration of hundreds of different bacterial strains works together in synergy to digest food and release byproducts that contribute to our well-being. As humans, we have evolved the capacity to generate new […]

  • The Role Of Short-Chain Fatty Acids

    By Jun Kim Ph.D.     One of the most frequently mentioned groups of molecules in the gut microbiome studies is probably short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs are a group of molecules that result from the fermentation of dietary fibers by the gut microbiota. Dietary fibers are carbohydrates that are not digestible by human cells […]

  • How Excessive Antibiotic Use Can Lead To Antibiotics Resistance

    By Jun Kim Ph.D.   With the recent news about a woman who died from a superbug infection, antibiotics resistance has been gaining increased attention. Global leaders recently met at a UN meeting to discuss future actions on antimicrobial resistance, along with prominent figures such as Bill Gates warning us of potential threats to our […]

  • Going keto? Check Out These Recipes To Make Your Diet Fun

    Most people believe that you’d be eating bland & boring if you went keto. While some foods are clearly irreplaceable there are many other ways to add variety back into your diet. Use the following recipes to kickstart your Keto meal prep. Here are some lip-smacking dishes you could begin with:   Chicken n’ Coconut […]

  • Free Radicals : Role In Common Human Diseases.

    Free radicals, as the name suggests are molecules which contain one on more unpaired electrons. And because they contain unpaired electrons, they possess the property to affect our cellular processes which in turn affects our overall health. And these free radicals are natural products of many of our metabolic (think of it as your cellular […]

  • Whatever Symptoms You May Be Feeling, We're Here To Help!

    Ombre’s Gut Check™ system was designed by Professors and Medical Doctors at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and UC Davis to determine the types of bacteria that may be associated with your symptoms. Let’s get started.