• What Are Prebiotics for Digestive Health?

    Nourish beneficial bacteria with plant fibers.
  • Gluten-Free Grains for Dietary Fiber

    Prevent leaky gut with these gluten-free prebiotic-rich fibers!
  • 6 Awesome Superfoods You Should Check Out!

    Each fruit, vegetable and herbs has its own share of nutrients and health benefits. But there are certain foods just a class apart from the rest. These super-foods are absolutely irreplaceable!   Check out these 6 super-foods!   Abiyuch or garlic pear   Abiyuch better known as garlic pear is a fruit found in South-East […]

  • The Banana Prebiotics Hack Your Gut Health Needs

    As we tell our children, they need to eat healthy foods, so they grow big and strong. Our stomach bacteria need the same consideration. Everything we eat has a monumental impact on our intestinal flora. Either we can set up our gut for failure or success. For optimal stomach bacteria growth, you need prebiotics. These […]

  • 5 Plant Based Soups

    Plant based soups are a great way to get a ton of nutrients in a single serving. Drinking soups can also support a healthy gut and immunity. Here are 5 plant-based soups that taste great and make you feel good!
  • From the Cave to the Field: A Paleo Vegan Diet

    A paleo vegan diet means eat whole foods and no meat. Navigating a pegan diet can be challenging but possible. Here’s how to follow a vegan paleo diet.

  • Go With Your Gut!

    Gain access to food and probiotic recommendations to support
    your digestion, mental health, immunity & more


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