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  • Mediterranean Diet and Gut Wellness

    It’s not news to many that the Mediterranean Diet might just be the healthiest to follow. After all, research has clearly indicated that the Mediterranean Diet improves longevity [1]. Now, a recent study finds that the Mediterranean Diet and gut health go hand-in-hand, too [2]. These findings not only prove that the Mediterranean Diet is […]

  • Lung Health Tips to Improve Respiratory System

    Support lung and cardiovascular health during the pandemic and all year round. Improve your upper respiratory tract with these lung health tips!
  • Probiotics and Heart Health Benefits You Need to Know About

    Support your heart health through your gut microbiome. Learn how to improve heart health with probiotics.
  • Gut Health and Cholesterol: Can Probiotic Strains Improve Heart Health?

    28.6 million people have high cholesterol. Lower blood cholesterol levels with probiotics for heart health. Specific Lactobacillus plantarum gut microbes can reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and decrease risk of heart disease.
  • 2022 Wellness Trends: What are They and How to Get Involved

    2021 is in the books, and the latest health trends will be on top of New Year's Resolutions lists. Here are 2022 wellness trends to look out for to improve your wellness in the New Year.
  • Colorectal Cancer Symptoms & Prevention

    Colorectal cancer describes cancer that has spread from the colon or rectum. Colorectal cancer has risen in younger people recently. Learn colon cancer symptoms, prevention, and treatment.

  • Plastic Ingestion by Humans & The Plastificaton of Our Microbiome

    An alarming image went viral on the internet over the last couple of years. It was the insides of a dead bird and the picture horrifically showed that the aviator’s gut biome was laden with plastic. Unfortunately for humans, we’re not much different. Sure, we haven’t swallowed whole Poland Spring caps, but plastic ingestion by […]

  • Probiotics for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know for Your Best Friend’s Gut Health

    You want to give your family members the best lives possible. That sentiment goes without saying for your puppers. Sometimes, our four-legged loved ones are better than our two-legged ones. So, why not give them the best care possible? That’s why probiotics for dogs have grown in popularity. Let’s take a closer look at these […]

  • FDA and Probiotics Supplements: What’s the Deal?

    Many consumers see the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the watchdog for their best interests. So, when people find an FDA disclaimer on a supplement package, it may raise a red flag for any potential consumer. However, disclaimers should be no cause for concern. There are no regulations between FDA and probiotics because probiotics […]

  • 10 Common Conditions Tied to Gut Health

    “All disease begins in the gut.” You’ve heard us scream this more than Chicken Little yelled, “The sky is falling!” As microbiome studies continue to gain more funding, we are learning just how much levity “All disease begins in the gut” really holds. In fact, here are 10 common conditions tied to gut health.   Anxiety […]

  • Worldwide Probiotic Use: History, Trends and Industry Outlook

    By Brenda Kimble, Nutritionist/Wellness Blogger   The probiotics industry has grown by leaps and bounds, as the health and wellness benefits of using probiotics are well-known and researched. If you’re a regular probiotics user, you might be curious to know about probiotic manufacturing practices–and history, trends and outlook of the probiotics industry.   What are […]

  • Wine and Gut Health: The Perfect Pairing?

    Cheers to wine and gut health! Moderate consumption of red wine or white wine can have some health benefits, including immune support and digestive health. However, too much alcohol can be problematic…

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