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Merging science and wellness into an individualized  experience for you

Microbiome Report

Personalized to you, along with probiotic recommendations to meet your wellness goals.

Bacteria Analysis

Complete list of bacteria detected in your sample, followed by curated next steps for your gut.

Food Suggestions

We analyze your microbial DNA to provide evidence-based recommendations.


Probiotics formulated with our clinically-studied strains which are 100% transparent on every label.

Save Yourself Years Of Trial And Error

Test My Gut

Easy At Home Test

Explore the Impact of Gut Bacteria on Health.

Activate your Test

Use your unique test ID code & activate your test kit online.

Collect Your Sample

Use the provided tube & collection swab to collect your sample.

Send Your Sample

Send your sample inside the prepaid shipping box. Receive your test results in 2-3 weeks.

Feel Your Best

Learn how your gut microbiome influences your wellness!

  • Should I Test My Gut Health? Why A Healthy Microbiome Matters

    Why gut health testing can help you feel your best!
  • The Development of the Gut Microbiome

    By Nishant Mehta Ph.D. candidate   As adults, we have fully matured microbiomes that are constantly interacting with the food we ingest. This conglomeration of hundreds of different bacterial strains works together in synergy to digest food and release byproducts that contribute to our well-being. As humans, we have evolved the capacity to generate new […]

  • What Are Targeted Probiotics?

    Consuming probiotic foods like kombucha, fermented pickles, and kimchi is a great way to add beneficial bacteria to your gut. However, they might n...

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