Should I Test My Gut Health? Why A Healthy Microbiome Matters

Should I Test My Gut Health? Why A Healthy Microbiome Matters

Your gut bacteria are in charge of more than just digestive system health...although, we do appreciate it when they're cooperating with us! They impact your mental health, energy levels, sleep patterns, cholesterol levels, skin, immunity, and so much more. There are around 100 trillion microbes in the gut microbiome that could cause or prevent disease. Increasing microbiome research ties gut microbes to the development or prevention of over 700 human health conditions. So, are gut health tests worth it? Here's everything you need to know about microbiome testing and why it matters!


What is the Gut Microbiome?

Your body is an intricate machine that is run by cells. Some of these cells are human. However, most of them are various types of microbes, including bacteria, yeast, protozoa and viruses.

For the most part, all of these microbes work together to benefit their host, which is you. After all, if you're healthy and able, they'll have a home where they can live comfortably. That's much like why we should take care of our planet, homes, and bodies. If we're going to live in these places, we need to make them as habitable as possible.

Our gut bacteria are very useful in keeping us active and healthy. The key to things remaining this way is through diversity.

It's best to think of your gut microbiome as your own local community. As we mentioned, there are up to 100 trillion gut microbes. Think of them as citizens of your town.

Each type of microbe (citizen) has its own specialties that provide benefits to the body (community). For microbes, that could mean fighting off specific pathogens, creating serotonin, or producing B-Vitamins to energize cells. In communities, we have locksmiths, accountants, and car repairers.

These unique differences between microbes can be evident even in probiotic supplements. For instance, Lactobacillus helveticus (Rosell 52) in Ombre Metabolic Booster has been shown to enhance cellular function. It's the only strain in this blend to promote this benefit.

Ombre Metabolic Booster probiotic

Metabolic Booster also contains Bifidobacterium lactis (Lafti B94). This is the only strain in the blend that has been shown to improve nutrient absorption in clinical studies. Their presence and unique qualities provide the robust benefits that make Metabolic Booster so effective.

That is why microbiome testing is so important. Getting your gut tested allows you to determine deficiencies or areas of improvement in your microbiome. It will also uncover the right probiotic supplement for your unique microbiome. Your test results can unlock so many truths about your health and provide a great resource for preventative health care.

How Do Gut Testing Kits Work?

Ombre sends you everything that you need to conduct a gut health test in the privacy of your own home.

First, activate your test with the QR code attached to the bookmark on your kit. Scan it with your phone's camera or enter the code on a desktop at ombrelab.com/start.

Bring the Gut Health Test into your bathroom and follow these mess-free instructions. Place your collection tube with buffer liquid in the stand inside your kit.

Simply collect a rice-sized stool sample from your toilet paper with the collection swab provided. Immerse the swab with your stool sample into the collection tube and swirl for 30 sections.

Dispose of the swab. Tightly seal your collection tube. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds. When you are ready, put the tube into the sample bag provided. Place the bag into the return box that came with your kit. Place it in an outgoing United States Postal Service mailbox.

In 2-3 weeks, the email address that you used to activate your kit will receive an alert that your personalized microbiome report is ready. Here, you can learn how to optimize your gut microbiome. Determine which bacteria are becoming troublesome and might be behind your symptoms.

Discover which good bacteria need some support. Learn how to diversify your gut and target your symptoms with a targeted probiotic recommendation. With the Ombre Gut Health Test, you can take the guesswork out of your health and probiotic purchases.

How Do Targeted Probiotics Work?

Ombre is more than just a gut testing company. We also formulate clinically-backed probiotic supplements. Each one of our proprietary blends contains bacteria strains backed by studies to provide specific health benefits.

Bacteria strains can only help the body if they can survive the digestive tract. Our probiotics are encapsulated in a vegetable cellulose capsule that withstands stomach acids to temporarily colonize the microbiome and provide its unique health benefits.

Much like us, probiotics are living beings. They need to eat, too. The most effective way to ensure they are getting the nutrients they require is through prebiotics.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Probiotic Supplements

Prebiotics are plant-based fibers that our digestive tract has trouble breaking down. So, healthy bacteria feast on their carbs and sugars for energy.

Not only do plant-based fibers feed healthy bacteria, but they help support with healing your gut. That's because bacteria need to expel waste. Keep noticing the similarities between them and us?

Beneficial bacteria byproducts are known as short-chain fatty acids. Short-chain fatty acids help strengthen the cells that make up your gut lining. Therefore, these byproducts help prevent toxins from leaving the intestines and causing inflammation throughout the gut. 

Lastly, harmful bacteria don't like prebiotics. They crave refined sugars, processed foods, and excess saturated fats. That's why some of us who struggle with weight and digestive issues are prone to cravings. See, the gut is really in control!

Get control of your health. Optimize your wellness with an Ombre Gut Health Test. Unlock your targeted probiotic recommendation to meet your health goals. Nourish beneficial bacteria with Ombre Rise. You can achieve all of these goals seamlessly by joining the Ombre Gut Health Program today!


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