About Us

Self-Care, Meet Science.

Ombre merges science and self-care into a personalized experience. Our easy at-home tests provide you with a quantified view of your unique microbiome. We analyze your microbial DNA to provide evidence-based recommendations on lifestyle, food, and probiotics.

What We Do

Microbiome Self-Care Powered by AI

At-Home Microbiome Test

Personalized Microbiome Report

Premium Targeted Probiotics

How We Do It

Our Proprietary Bioinformatics Pipeline

Sample Collection

Simplified Tube & Collection Swab Process

DNA Sequencing
& Mapping

Illumina DNA Sequence. Taxonomic Labeling

Ombre Database

Data fed into proprietary database

Ombre Algorithm

Probiotic & Food Recommendations based on consumer’s microbiome

Ombre Dashboard

Engaging consumer experience

The Team

Elise Contarsy

Piotr Kuczynski

David Betrus
SVP Sales

Kimberly Griffith
Head of Science


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