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  • Top 10 Brain Foods To Improve Your Memory

    What you choose to eat has a significant impact on the health of your brain and how well your memory functions. Your mind relies on antioxidants to protect grey matter, proteins to produce brain cells, and minerals to be the catalysts to make brainpower happen. Nutritional brain foods can really improve specific mental tasks, like […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to the Gut-Brain Axis

    The gut is known as the second brain.  However, could it really be the one in charge?

  • Fats: The Slippery Slope in a Mental Health Diet

    Due to the stigma surrounding mental health, a lot of people are unaware of how diet may affect emotional wellness. Thankfully evidence uncovered over the past couple of decades has shown that diet plays a crucial role in how our brains function. By following a mental health diet rich in healthy fats, you may experience […]

  • Striking a Work-Life Balance Improves Gut Health

    After years of career advancement being forced down our throats, society is finally waking up to the importance of work-life balance. It was just 2014 that the average person worked 47 hours per week [1]. The most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Summary finds that the typical workweek is now 34.4 hours […]

  • Benefits From Probiotics – How Microbes Influence Mood

    Today, we have an expert piece written by Dr. Lam, who is a western trained physician specializing in nutritional and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Lam is a pioneer in using nontoxic, natural compounds to promote the healing of many age-related degenerative conditions. He utilizes optimum blends of nutritional supplementation that manipulate food, vitamins, natural hormones, herbs, […]

  • Well-Being During Social Distancing: How to Boost Your Spirits During COVID-19

    Social distancing is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, humans are naturally social beings. Here are mental health tips for the era of social distancing.   The coronavirus crisis and the measures that followed from it reminded all of us that wellness and health are our biggest priorities. It has allowed us the […]

  • 10 Stress Buster Tips When Working Remotely

    It’s safe to say that stress has become an indispensable part of the daily life of a modern human. What’s more interesting, it’s usually caused, deepened or prolonged by such work-related issues as huge workloads, toxic work environments, low compensation. With the novel coronavirus, we’re now bringing this stress home by working remotely. These can […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Dating with a Chronic Illness

    By Brenda Kimble, Nutritionist/Wellness Blogger   If you live with a chronic illness like pulmonary fibrosis, diabetes or Crohn’s disease, your dating life is going to look a little different–and that’s okay.   Being single and navigating the world of dating is challenging for everyone, but it can be especially difficult when your life comes with […]

  • Explore the Gut-Brain Axis Via the Vagus Nerve

    Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Why is the gut referred to as the second brain?” Watch any Snickers commercial, hanger makes us do irrational things. However, bouts of the munchies don’t even begin to cover the scope of the gut and brain connection.   There is a strong link between gut health and depression. Obviously, […]

  • Natural Self-Care: 8 Best Supplements for Depression

    The gut brain connection is stronger than Jordyn Woods and the Kardashians. What we put in our gut influences our brain. If you follow a gut health diet rich in probiotic foods, then the gut and brain live harmoniously. However, the Standard American Diet (SAD) doesn’t tend to make our gut health happy. The long-term […]

  • How Lack of Stomach Bacteria, Bacteroides, May Trigger Depression

    Science continues to unveil the undeniable gut brain connection as microbiome testing continues to grow in the world of conventional medicine. While we are aware that the vagus nerve was a spy sent from the brain down to the gut biome, many are unaware which intestinal flora (or lack thereof) may be triggering an adverse […]

  • Meet Your Stress Hormones

    Stress does more than wear us out mentally. It alters us on a genetic level. That’s because our body triggers a set of hormones in moments of stress. In small bursts, these stress hormones are beneficial, even life-saving. However, as chronic stress persists, our stress hormones take over. In turn, it leaves little room for […]

  • Whatever Symptoms You May Be Feeling, We're Here To Help!

    Your gut bacteria influence your mood, weight, skin, immunity, energy, and more. Get to the root cause of your symptoms. Learn more about what's going inside your gut microbiome.