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  • Sleep and Gut Health

    Sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle and microbiome. Learn how to improve your sleep by supporting your gut wellness.
  • The Vital Life Force behind a Balanced Meal: Vitamins

    Have you ever wondered why Vitamins are important to us? Why do health nuts go gaga over them?   The word “Vitamin” is a short version of Vital Amine. Amines or Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Vitamins are organic compounds that are essential in minute quantities. They support the body’s various physiological […]

  • What to Eat After a Gym Workout

    Maintain your post-workout energy with proper nutrition
  • How to Lose Weight & Which Gut Bacteria Might Make It Difficult

    The health and wellness circles have given many people false hopes with fake answers for how to lose weight. From zapping abs with a belt to the war on eating eggs to the celery juice diet, people have tried it all. While some of these supposed weight loss hacks work for some, others achieve little […]

  • Top 5 Ways Intermittent Fasting Complements a Gut Healing Diet

    Intermittent Fasting has become a very popular way to lose weight. In fact, many people are choosing IF over other forms of weight loss, like restricting calories, or eliminating macros or food groups from one’s diet.   While the benefits of intermittent fasting are best-experienced by interspersing practice with consuming gut healing foods, your diet […]

  • Going Vegan for Gut Health: Why Some People Are Going Plant-Based

    Veganism has taken the world by storm in the last several years. There are many reasons as to why so many people are suddenly turning to this kind of a diet. Some are doing it to help the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions caused by livestock. Others don’t want to partake in the abuse […]

  • 8 Nutrients And Supplements To Build Muscles

    A benefit of joining the Thryve Gut Health Program is that you naturally lose weight. However, the fat loss may turn to flab gain. You need to help fill that void. Achieve this is by aiding your workout with these eight best nutrients and supplements for building muscles.   Why Do Nutrients and Supplements for […]

  • Ketosis for a Healthy Gut Diet Plan

    Many diet fads have come and gone. However, one that continues to stick around is the Keto Diet. The reason for its longevity is that many have seen weight loss and brain-boosting results through ketosis. Ketosis is when your body draws on energy from your fat tissue. As you can imagine, this is beneficial for […]

  • Probiotics and Weight Loss: The Best Supplement for Losing Weight?

    Bacteria are in your gut. It's no wonder they influence weight gain or loss. Learn how to maintain your ideal weight with strain-specific probiotics.
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    probiotic for you!

    Discover which of our clinically backed probiotics is the best blend to target your symptoms and support your health goals.