How Relationships Impact Gut Health

How Relationships Impact Gut Health

You are the company you keep. When it comes to your bacteria, this could be a good thing...or a bad one. Research shows that meaningful connections enrich our lives and support overall wellness. However, can they alter your microbiome, too? Let's see what the science says about gut health and relationships!

Relationships and the Gut Microbiome

Whether you're living with your family, are coupled up, or spend every waking hour with your bestie, the people in our lives influence so much about who we are...right down to the microbial DNA.

A recent study looked at the impact romantic relationships have on gut microbiota [1]. Results found that those who are in happy relationships tend to have more diverse gut microbiomes. 

Gut diversity has been shown to support:

  • Digestion 
  • Mental wellness
  • Healthy weight maintenance
  • A strong immune system 
  • Cardiovascular wellness
  • Healthy sleep patterns
  • And more

While this study focused on romantic relationships, all close relationships can have a similar effect. These people can bring joy, agony (and everything in between) into our lives! 

Through the good, bad, and ugly, your ride or die can improve your life. Having an accountability partner increases your chances of meeting your wellness goals by up to 95%. Let's discuss some of the reasons why.


People who live in the same house tend to eat many of the same foods, especially if the duo is a romantic couple. This includes nourishing whole foods that nourish probiotic bacteria and a pantry full of chips and sweets that can deplete them. 

Probiotic gut bacteria are nourished by dietary fibers. These fibers are found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and Rise Prebiotic Powder

Diets high in processed foods and snacks starve out probiotic bacteria, which can cause deficiencies in the gut microbiome. 


Couples and friends that slay together stay together. Research shows that having a training buddy will push you to exercise more [2].  

Mixing up cardio, strength training, and stretching supports a healthy metabolism, which keeps your digestive system regular, immune system strong, and brain sharp. 

In addition, exercise is crucial for a healthy microbiome. It promotes diversity among bacteria which helps keep everything in balance. 


Stress has been shown to alter gut microbiota [3], which can lead to occasional digestive issues, such as constipation and abdominal pain. 

The gut and brain and connected through a series of nerves known as the vagus nerve. When you are stressed, consuming too much alcohol, or following a poor diet, it alters your gut microbiota. 

This change gets sensed by the vagus nerve, which lets the brain know what's going on. That's why many people who are feeling sad may experience stomach pains, sugar cravings, or a desire for alcohol. 

Friends, families, and lovers all experience similar stressors. We share burdens like finances, deaths in the family, and other personal setbacks. 

Consequently, unhealthy relationships can have a negative impact on your gut microbiota. In addition, breakups can also lead to a lack of gut diversity.

Post-breakup, don't dwell on the past. Say "thank you, next," and lean into your loved ones. Healthy relationships are linked to a diverse microbiome. In addition, research also equates healthy relationships with a good mood and overall wellness. These findings lend more support to the gut-brain connection.


If someone in your house or close circle gets sick, chances are that someone else around you is going down. That's because we breathe the same air and share the same foods with those we love. As a result, tiny microbes that impact our immune system enter our gut microbiome. 

Up to 80% of our immune system is in our gut. Our immune system gets strengthened by those who surround us. So, why wouldn't our gut microbiota?

Much like you and your crew, gut microbes, and immunity microbes communicate. When you have a diverse microbiome, your immune system remains strong. 

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