What Is the Human Microbiome?

What Is the Human Microbiome?

The human body is made up of trillions of cells. However, many of them aren't human. Thousands of microorganisms live within and on our bodies. Collectively,  these microbes and their genes form the human microbiome. 

Think of your body as a country. Mountain regions have different climates than swamplands. Therefore, you'll find different fauna and wildlife in both areas. Your microbiome is the SAME.

Some microorganisms prefer the cool, moist climate of the mouth. Other microorganisms might like tanning by the hot, acidic stomach acids of the gut. Different strokes for different folks!

This is a win-win situation for us and our bacteria. As long as we exercise, and follow a balanced diet with fiber-rich fruits and veggies, bacteria reward us in various ways. Depending on the bacteria, they could fight off pathogens, create byproducts that repair cells, boost antioxidants, and more! 

In a healthy human microbiome, each area is a well-run community. These communities are known as microbiotas. When all microbiotas are in balance, you should experience digestive comfort, stronger immunity, clearer skin, and more!

The gut plays as the capital of the country. It's responsible for digesting and distributing nutrients to the various microbiotas. Cells in these communities rely on this process! Get control of your command center by getting your gut tested.



Each bacteria plays a specialized role in our health. Therefore, a healthy gut microbiome requires diversity. Learning where you may be deficient in key bacteria could be just what you need to meet your wellness goals. 

Get personalized food suggestions and discover which targeted probiotic could optimize your unique gut microbiome best!


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