Are All of Our Microbiomes the Same?

Are All of Our Microbiomes the Same?

Just like a snowflake or your fingerprint, each gut microbiome is unique. In fact, getting your gut tested can uncover your microbial fingerprint! 

Many family members may have similar microbiomes due to:

🧬 Genetics and diseases

🍔 Eating the same groceries

🏠 Being exposed to the same pets and environmental toxins

😤 Living with the same stress

🛌🏾 Similar sleep schedules, and more!

However, EVERYTHING you do impacts your gut microbiome. Your favorite snacks, relationship issues, personal physical activity levels, and more, ALL make your microbiome unique.

No two family members have the exact same microbiome. They might not even experience the same symptoms. Plus, the foods the entire family is eating might not be the right foods for YOU.

The only way to receive personalized self-care is to unlock your microbial fingerprint. Perform an Ombre Gut Health Test to determine which foods are best for your gut microbiome.

Then, optimize your wellness with a targeted probiotic recommendation based on your Personalized Microbiome Report, daily symptoms, and wellness goals!


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