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Ombre Lab Media

  • Vaginal Community State Types: Which of These 5 Are You?

    From mother to employee to wife, women are very dynamic. The vaginal microbiota that comprises their reproductive organs is just as much so. While research on the vaginal microbiome is in its infancy (pun sort of intended), all scientific evidence alludes to one thing. The relative abundance of Lactobacillus species within the vaginal microbiome heavily […]

  • How to Lose Weight & Which Gut Bacteria Might Make It Difficult

    The health and wellness circles have given many people false hopes with fake answers for how to lose weight. From zapping abs with a belt to the war on eating eggs to the celery juice diet, people have tried it all. While some of these supposed weight loss hacks work for some, others achieve little […]

  • Innate vs. Adaptive Immune System. What’s the Difference?

    Our body is such a complex system. Two main components have an impact on how this system works. In historical, scientific references, these all-powerful forces might be described as nature vs. nurture. Nothing is a better example of nature vs. nurture than our immune system. Most notably, we’re talking about the innate and adaptive immune […]

Whatever Symptoms You May Be Feeling, We're Here To Help!

Ombre’s Gut Check™ system was designed by Professors and Medical Doctors at MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and UC Davis to determine the types of bacteria that may be associated with your symptoms. Let’s get started.