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Vaginal Health Starts Here

Activate Your Test

Use your unique test ID code & activate your test online.

Collect Your Sample

Use the provided tube & collection swab to collect your sample.

Send Your Sample

Place the pre-paid shipping box into an outgoing USPS mailbox. Receive your test results in 2-3 weeks.

Why Should You Take A
Vaginal Microbiome Test?

A woman's body is constantly changing. Vaginal microbiome testing and analysis are vital for women’s preventative health and maintenance. The vaginal microbiome influences immunity, fertility, mental health, and more. Vaginal microbiome testing allows you to monitor your health and optimize your wellness dynamically during every phase of life.

Promote General Wellness

Uncover any deficiencies in your vaginal microbiome that can leave the body prone to pathogens that can cause infections, like UTIs, Candida overgrowth, bacterial vaginosis, and more.

Soothe Premenstrual Symptoms

Receive food and lifestyle recommendations that promote digestive health, support mental wellness, and nourish healthy vaginal flora.

Nurture A Healthy Pregnancy

Identify vaginal microbiome imbalances and address harmful bacteria associated with infertility and pregnancy complications.

Support Your Unborn Child's Health

Enhance your child's microbiome, boost their immune system, and reduce the risk of eczema development with a targeted probiotic recommendation.

Transition Comfortably Into Menopause

Combat itchiness, dryness, and malodors associated with hormonal changes caused by menopause by maintaining healthy pH levels.

Science-Backed Vaginal Microbiome Testing

Highest Accuracy Testing Kit

Utilizes our proprietary liquid buffer that holds the bacterial cells in stasis, resulting in a precise representation of the vaginal bacterial community.

16S RNA Sequencing

Provides a vaginal microbiome health report with bacteria description, health benefits/effects, associated imbalances/disease, risks and actionable insights.

Extensive Research

Our clinically studied and peer-reviewed vaginal probiotics have proven to reach the vaginal biome, correct imbalances, and provide health benefits.

Test Your
Vaginal Microbiome

The kit includes:

  • Vaginal Health Test done at home

  • Vaginal Wellness Score and Report to identify and address vaginal microbiome imbalances

  • Food and lifestyle suggestions to encourage healthy vaginal flora

  • Targeted probiotic recommendation to address symptoms and sustain a healthy vaginal microbiome

  • 2-3 week turnaround on Vaginal Health Report and probiotic subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find what you need? Reach out to our team at

We identify species using 16s rRNA V3-V4 regions and we test for 10,000+ bacterial species but only show the ones that are statistically significant in your profile. 

We specialize in bacteria. Bacteria are the most abundant microorganisms in the microbiome. They moderate the environment to manage yeast, fungi, and other pathogens naturally.

Ombre home tests are not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions. We use the bacteria in your sample to provide evidence-based insights into which foods and probiotic strains will optimize your microbiome and target your symptoms.

We use Illumina MiSeq Machines to conduct 16s rRNA microbial sequencing on the v4 region that brings in roughly 10-15M reads per run.

We provide microbiome testing that looks at 16s rRNA to determine the total abundance and distribution of bacteria in your stool sample. Through this we are able to provide you personalized food recommendations and probiotic recommendations.

Our Personalized Microbiome Reports allow you to see what types of microbes exist in your body and how it relates to others and cutting-edge research. By viewing the latest research individuals will gain a better understanding of their microbiome.

That said, It’s important to be aware that Ombre is not intended to diagnose a disease or other medical condition, or tell you anything about your risk for developing a disease or condition in the future.  Ombre is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment, and should not be used as the basis for a diagnosis or treatment.  You should always consult your physician or health care provider about any health issues and before making any changes to your current care.

We are currently estimated at 2-4 weeks. As we continue to scale you’ll start to receive your results much quicker.

Ombre's report has been designed to be easily understandable. That said, since microbiome science is still quite complicated we would love to lend a hand. Feel free to reach out tosupport@ombrelab.comwith any questions.

The recommended probiotics are matched to each individual. At Ombre, we follow the research. The research provides probiotic strain efficacy based on the resolution of targeted symptoms, ability to target pathogens, and modulating the biome environment to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria. Based on symptoms reported and your sample analysis, probiotic strains within our blends are matched to the individual based on supported research.

Our probiotics consist of research-based probiotic strain blends that directly address common GI-related symptoms and specific wellness needs.

• Gastrointestinal Health

• Broad spectrum Immunity

• Metabolic Health

• Cardiovascular Health

• Mood Support

• Enhanced Energy

• Vaginal Health Support

• Vaginal Imbalances Support