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Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally With These Tips

Don’t use abrasive cleansers and toxic cosmetics to find your natural glow. Use these healthy hacks to rejuvenate your skin naturally.

Beauty fades, as does our health. Unfortunately, our health can decline much sooner due to our obsession with maintaining our outward appearance. According to a 2019 analysis by the Environmental Work Group, the average American woman puts 168 chemicals on her face and body in the name of beauty, while a man uses 85 1. These potentially toxic beauty ingredients can do more harm than good. Here are some ways to rejuvenate your skin naturally.

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Why Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally?

Serums, creams, and exfoliation creams seem like amazing quick fixes. However, they’re the same as putting on makeup. They’re just helping or covering up what’s going on at the superficial layer. However, there are plenty of things going on underneath that won’t go away on their own.

Our skin aging accelerates as we age because we miss out on many vitamins and minerals we used to. Compound that with toxins in the air, hormones in your food, and synthetic ingredients in your cosmetics, you’re looking at less vibrant skin.

How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally

Our skin has its own microbiome. The microbes on your skin interact with the bacteria in your gut. Thanks to the gut-skin-axis, there are steps you can take to improve your gut health that will rejuvenate your skin naturally.

In the same breath, whatever you do to improve your skin health will have a positive impact on your gut. Your skin is super porous. So, toxins can get in easily and make trouble for your immune cells and stomach bacteria. Here are some tips to strengthen the symbiotic relationship between gut and skin.

Avocado-Honey-Coconut Moisturizer

Nature’s medicine works far beyond eating superfoods. You can also include these organic food choices in your beauty routine, as well!

Avocados are high in healthy fats. They contain the amino acids necessary to provide the building blocks of life that make healthy skin cells.

Plus, the fats in avocados are long-chain fatty acids. Too many of these can prove troublesome for a diet. That’s because the average person won’t burn off the fats during the day.

However, the skin doesn’t need to digest the food like our gut does. So, the long-chain fatty acids serve as long-lasting hydration on the skin.

Adding honey to the mixture provides you with an all-natural exfoliant. Our ancient ancestors used to use honey to improve wound healing. It’s also excellent for burn treatments.

One study on the skin benefits of honey found,

“The free radical control by honey, due to its anti-oxidant effect, limits damage and subsequent multi-organ dysfunction. Honey’s anti-bacterial action, low pH, high viscosity, hygroscopic effect, and its hydrogen peroxide content all play a combined role in honey’s effectiveness in burns treatment 2.”

Ann Burns Fire Disasters.

Making an avocado-honey-coconut moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin is easy and cost-effective. Place 3 T of coconut oil, 1/2 an avocado, and 1 T of honey into a blender.

Rub the moisturizer into your skin and allow it sit for an hour before washing off.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV isn’t an old maid’s tale your grandparents like to tell. This stuff is the real deal. It’s an amazing way to get your gut and skin in perfect harmony.

ACV Topical Use

Apple cider vinegar (especially “with mother”) is rich in probiotics. Research suggests that diluting ACV with water can help yeast and bacteria related to skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, and eczema 3. However, reports are conflicting and dependent on the person. So, please talk to a doctor first.

In addition, ACV is highly acidic. Therefore, it can bring balance to elevated pH scales. However, this acidic nature might be too much for sensitive skin. Again, be sure to talk to a dermatologist before applying.

ACV Tonics

In the meantime, make an apple cider vinegar tonic, such as:

Ginger Green Tea
Fire Cider
Apple Cider Turmeric Detox

You can also just add ACV to distilled water and drink. Just don’t do ACV shots. They can do a lot of harm to your gut lining and stain your teeth!

Shorter Showers

Long, drawn-out showers are great for getting your singing on. However, they’re bad for drying out your skin. Try taking shorter showers to maintain moisture. Otherwise, you might end up with flaky skin.

Get Colder

Also, be sure to turn down the heat. Hot water makes your skin turn red and blotchy. When it dries, it doesn’t remain much moisture. Most of it dissipated with the steam in your shower!

Many researchers suggest starting and ending your shower with cold water. It activates your immune cells. Therefore, they will be readily available to help the skin cells you almost dried out.

One study found that cold water boosted the amount of haptoglobin protein in our blood 4. Haptoglobin regulates inflammation of Langerhans cells 5. These are cells our immune system uses to keep microbial balance on the skin biome.


There’s a reason why fitness models blow up their IG with selfies. Exercise makes you feel good and look good, too.

When you exercise, it helps tighten loose skin. In turn, your skin maintains its vitality. Otherwise, it becomes loose, hoards liquid, and starts to become wrinkly.

Also, exercise is essential for people to tighten up loose ends when they lose weight. Dropping pounds is amazing for your gut health, and eventually, your skin. However, if you lose a lot quickly, you are left with excess epidermis.
The skin won’t go away. You need to burn it off. Start exercising and transform your body into muscle. Your skin will wrap around that muscle, tighten, and naturally glow!

Healthy Oils

Fats are key to healthy skin. Our skin constantly secretes sebum oil. This moisturizer helps keep our skin from drying out, fights off ultraviolet (UV) damage, and maintains moisture around the skin barrier.

While sebum oil levels remain the same for aging men, women stop creating this important oil as they age. This decline begins around menopause. In turn, they can end up with dry skin or stringy hair follicles.

Fruit oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids to help rejuvenate your skin’s natural glow. It will help provide moisture and lock-in any nutrients you add. So, consider creating oil remedies for skin with essential oils!

Bone Broth

Many people turn to collagen fillers to improve wrinkles. These can be expensive and provide other potential health and skin problems. Now, you can fix them from the outside in. Consider drinking bone broth to improve your skin naturally.

Bone broth is rich in collagen and elastin. Both of these protein peptides are what gives our skin cells their structure. In turn, they help keep your skin appearing healthy and elastic.

Also, bone broth helps heal your gut barrier. It provides your gut cells the power necessary to replenish themselves. Thanks to bone broth, you’re less likely to have pathogens enter the system and cause inflammation. That’s why there’s such a strong relationship between Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and acne.

Fruits and Veggies

Not many of us are too keen on the produce aisle. However, you should become well acquainted if you want to rejuvenate your skin. That’s because these dietary sources are rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are essential for any skin health care plan. They fight off the free radicals that destroy healthy skin cells. These powerful minerals also help clear out dead cells that litter the skin barrier. Left unchecked, this debris may cause puffy and irritated skin.

Perhaps nothing ages our skin quicker than too much sun. antioxidants are essential for repairing damage caused by UV rays.

One meta-analysis found,

“These compounds protect molecular targets by scavenging reactive oxygen species, including excited singlet oxygen and triplet state molecules, and also modulate stress-dependent signaling and/or suppress cellular and tissue responses like inflammation. Micronutrients present in the diet such as carotenoids, vitamins E and C, and polyphenols contribute to antioxidant defense and may also contribute to endogenous photoprotection 6.”

So, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help combat this consequence of summer fun. However, you shouldn’t rely on them instead of wearing sunscreen!


Beauty is truly skin deep. If you want to rejuvenate your skin naturally, you must start from the inside. Diversify your gut biome.

When you have probiotic bacteria in your system, they help keep pathogens at bay. As a result, your immune system won’t spark inflammation.

Any inflammation inside will reflect on the outside. It’s like burning down a house from the basement on up. The damage starts within, but you’ll see the results on the exterior soon. Address these issues with targeted probiotics from Ombre.

Ready to Rejuvenate Your Skin?

Then what are you waiting for? Take little steps to rejuvenate your skin. Begin with eating healthier and getting strain-specific probiotics. Then, start upping your exercise game and making your own skin products. Lastly, try out the tonics and bone broths. You’ll be amazed at how comforting going outside the comfort zone can be!


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