Who is Ombre?

Who is Ombre?

Ombre puts affordable health solutions into your own hands with at-home microbiome testing and targeted probiotics. 

We all want to feel our best. Yet, over 72% of people experience digestive issues more than once per month. Get to the root of these problems with Ombre. 

There is no one-size-fits-all to wellness. You (and your gut) are unique. So, we merge science with self-care to create the ultimate personalized experience.

The Ombre Gut Health Test uses your microbial DNA to create a personalized Microbiome Report. Discover which foods will support your health goals and which you should avoid.

Optimize your gut even further. Learn which of our proprietary probiotic formulas is right for you!

Ombre is the tool you need to reclaim your wellness. Get the guidance you deserve. Test your gut. Feel better!


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