Gut Health Program
Gut Health Program
Gut Health Program
Gut Health Program
Gut Health Program
Gut Health Program
Gut Health Program
Gut Health Program

Gut Health Program

Test Your Gut. Feel Better.

Nourish good bacteria that support digestion, immunity, mental health, and more. Optimize your gut with a microbiome test, prebiotic fiber powder, and targeted probiotic subscription. Feel your best with the Ombre Gut Health Program.

What's Included:

One-time Membership Fee ($119.99) - 20% Savings

  • Gut Health Test  ($99.99 value)

  • Rise Prebiotic to jump-start Gut Health Program ($49.99 value)

    Recommended Probiotic Subscription ($35.99) - 10% Lifetime Savings

    • Receive Ultimate Immunity to enhance your gut microbiome while our lab analyzes your sample. 

    • Update to your targeted probiotic recommendation when your Personalized Microbiome Report is ready. 

    • Ships monthly. No contract. Pause, reschedule, or cancel anytime!


      • Personalized Microbiome Report with Microbiome Score

      • Food Suggestions

      • 1-month supply of Rise Prebiotic Powder

      • Lifetime savings on probiotic subscription

      How It Works

      • Your first shipment includes a Gut Health Test and Rise Prebiotic Powder. Start adding Rise to your water, juices, or smoothies right away! Prebiotics are like a fertilizer that sprouts healthy bacteria in your gut!

      • Follow the instructions on your Gut Health Test and mail your sample to the lab with the materials provided in your test.

      • While our lab processes your sample, you will receive Ultimate Immunity within 30 days. Because hey, who's immune system couldn't use a little support!

      • Within 2-3 weeks of sending in your test, your Personalized Microbiome Report will be ready. Update your subscription to your targeted probiotic recommendation.

      • Receive your targeted probiotic recommendation, meet your wellness goals, and enjoy your savings!

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        Gut Health Starts Here

        Learn how the bacteria in your gut are impacting your body. Get food and probiotic recommendations to support your digestion, mental health, immunity, and more.

        Activate Your Test

        Use your unique test ID code & activate your test kit online.

        Collect Your Sample

        Use the provided tube & collection swab to collect your sample.

        Send Your Sample

        Send your sample inside the prepaid shipping box. Receive your test results in 2-3 weeks.

        Join our happy customers, 50,000+ and counting!

        What is a Gut Microbiome Test?

        A gut microbiome test is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows you to analyze the composition of the bacteria in your digestive tract. This test is useful in detecting imbalances in gut microbiome health, which can lead to a variety of issues such as digestive problems, immune system deficiencies, nutrient malabsorption, and other discomforts.

        Why is Microbiome Testing Important?

        By identifying imbalances in your gut microbiome, you can use your personalized recommendations to take steps to correct them and improve your health goals. With this information, you can make informed decisions about your diet, lifestyle, and supplement choices to optimize your gut microbiome and prevent future digestive issues.

        Start Trusting Your Gut


        Prevent IBS and leaky gut symptoms.

        Sustainable Energy

        Boost alertness without caffeine crashes or jitters.

        Year-Round Immunity

        Support the body against colds and viruses.

        Improved Metabolism

        Address inflammation that causes weight gain.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can’t find what you need? Reach out to our team at support@ombrelab.com

        We identify species using 16s rRNA V3-V4 regions and we test for 10,000+ bacterial species but only show the ones that are statistically significant in your sample.

        We specialize in bacteria. Bacteria are the most abundant microorganisms in the microbiome. They moderate the environment to manage yeast, fungi, and other pathogens naturally.

        Ombre home tests are not intended to diagnose or treat any conditions. We use the bacteria in your sample to provide evidence-based insights into which foods and probiotic strains will optimize your microbiome and target your symptoms.

        We use Illumina MiSeq Machines to conduct 16s rRNA microbial sequencing on the v4 region that brings in roughly 10-15M reads per run.

        We provide microbiome testing that looks at 16s rRNA to determine the total abundance and distribution of bacteria in your stool sample. Through this we are able to provide you personalized food recommendations and probiotic recommendations.

        Our Personalized Microbiome Reports allow you to see what types of microbes exist in your body and how it relates to others and cutting-edge research. By viewing the latest research individuals will gain a better understanding of their microbiome.

        That said, It’s important to be aware that Ombre is not intended to diagnose a disease or other medical condition, or tell you anything about your risk for developing a disease or condition in the future.  Ombre is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment, and should not be used as the basis for a diagnosis or treatment.  You should always consult your physician or health care provider about any health issues and before making any changes to your current care.

        We are currently estimated at 2-4 weeks. As we continue to scale you’ll start to receive your results much quicker.

        Ombre's report has been designed to be easily understandable. That said, since microbiome science is still quite complicated we would love to lend a hand. Feel free to reach out to support@ombrelab.com with any questions.

        The recommended probiotics are matched to each individual. At Ombre, we follow the research. The research provides probiotic strain efficacy based on the resolution of targeted symptoms, ability to target pathogens, and modulating the biome environment to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria. Based on symptoms reported and your sample analysis, probiotic strains within our blends are matched to the individual based on supported research.

        Our probiotics consist of research-based probiotic strain blends that directly address common GI-related symptoms and specific wellness needs.

        • Gastrointestinal Health

        • Broad spectrum Immunity

        • Metabolic Health

        • Cardiovascular Health

        • Mood Support

        • Enhanced Energy

        • Vaginal Health Support

        • Vaginal Imbalances Support


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