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5 Reasons to Retest Your Gut


Your Gut and Life Are Dynamic

Changes in diet, work-related stress, starting a relationship, moving to a new house, and broken sleep patterns can shake-up your gut microbiome.

Get The Latest Scoop on Your Poop

Your gut influences mood, immunity, metabolism, and more. Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Retest your gut!

Be Your Best Self

We don't help you "feel better," we help you feel your best. Track your bacteria levels to diversify your microbiota.

Monitor Your Ombre Score

See how far you have come, and determine your next steps towards optimal wellness. 

Meet Your New Probiotic Match

See which targeted probiotic blend is best for where you (and your gut) are today!

Your Microbiome Journey Begins Here.

The kit includes:
• At-Home Gut Health Test
• Personalized Microbiome Report
• Targeted Probiotic Recommendation

• Free Return Shipping to Lab
• Quick Report Delivery in 2 to 4 Weeks



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