5 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Gut With Ombre


1. Personalized Report

Tummy troubles? Gas? Weird poop? Ombre's Gut Health Test provides you with a quantified view of your unique microbiome. We analyze your microbial DNA to show you what could be wrong.

2. Affordable

Why bother with tests that cost over $100 dollars? Ombre's Gut Health Test costs $79 dollars. You can also save up to 25% for life on our probiotics.

3. Easy, Not Gross

The competition has really complicated instructions and requires you to get up close and personal with your poop.

There is a better way! Ombre's Gut Health Test has three easy steps and only requires you to collect a tiny sample.

4. Created By Scientists

Our microbiome and bioinformatic experts have developed a proprietary system to extract and analyze the microbial DNA from your sample.

5. Our Probiotics Are Legit

The best way to improve your gut is to increase healthy bacteria.

When we crafted our probiotics, we made sure that the blends contained science-backed strains to address your concerns.

Your Microbiome Journey Begins Here.

The kit includes:
• At-Home Gut Health Test
• Personalized Microbiome Report
• Targeted Probiotic Recommendation

• Free Return Shipping to Lab
• Quick Report Delivery in 2 to 4 Weeks

$79.99 $99.99


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