8 Nutrients And Supplements To Build Muscles

A benefit of joining the Thryve Gut Health Program is that you naturally lose weight. However, the fat loss may turn to flab gain. You need to help fill that void. Achieve this is by aiding your workout with these eight best nutrients and supplements for building muscles.

Why Do Nutrients and Supplements for Building Muscles Matter?

Losing weight is great for your overall health. However, if you care about aesthetics, you need to do more than just follow a healthy gut diet plan. You have to work out and build muscle to fill the voids where your excess fat used to be. Don’t look at this as a negative. Working out is very rewarding for your health, self-esteem, and physical appearance.

How to Build Muscle

Muscle building is not a day’s worth of work. You need to follow a strenuous workout regimen, eat the right foods after a workout, and make sure you’re getting enough nutrients and supplements for building muscles.

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Strength: inside and out

Without adequate nutrition along with your workout sessions, you may experience stiffness in the joints. Plus, lethargy may set in to further hinder your workout.

When your body is under stress, it needs extra help from supplements like probiotics to help with “browning” your fat tissue to burn energy more efficiently.

Meanwhile, you might need a bit of a pick-me-up to boost your mind through the strenuous workout regimen.

Trying all-natural supplements like MaxNo Extreme may be beneficial. They contain several nutrients proven to be helpful in supplements for building muscles. Let’s take a look at some nutrients and supplements you may benefit from as well!

Best Nutrients in Supplements for Building Muscles

You now understand the importance of working out after losing weight. We also discussed why supplements for building muscles may be beneficial for your healthy gut diet plan. Now, let’s discuss which minerals can help your body get rock solid.

Vitamin C

Need a boost to push through?

When we workout, we put some wear and tear on our body. Joints crash as we run. Tendons get sensitive from lifting weights.

Thankfully, this essential vitamin protects your body from exercise-related oxidative stress 1.

Vitamin C helps to metabolize carbs for energy 2. It gives the body an added boost so that you don’t feel weak after your workout session.


Fragile on the way in fragile on the way out

As we age, calcium becomes more crucial. We need to build muscle to stay healthy so that we don’t fall and break our bones.

To sustain those scary days, we must make sure our bones are strong by supplementing with calcium.

However, we shouldn’t wait until our later years to make sure we have enough calcium in our system.

If calcium levels in our blood are low, our body will draw the mineral from our bones.

One analysis found that a,

“low calcium diet signals the body to pull Ca from the bones to keep blood Ca level up and inhibit urinary Ca excretion by accelerating P excretion in order to maintain Ca and P homeostasis. Bone stock is therefore decreased as a result 4.”

J Exerc Nutrition Biochem

That means if you’re working out on low calcium levels, you run the risk of draining your bones at a quicker pace.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Our body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium. However, 65% of people have a Vitamin D deficiency 4. Much in thanks to our indoor, nine-to-five lives, we may not be getting the most out of our calcium supplements. So, make sure you are catching plenty of sun and drinking fortified animal or plant milks.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps to improve the muscle growth and coordination of the body 5. The supplement aids muscles and the brain to communicate more efficiently.

Raise the bar in nutrition

This essential vitamin not only assists with boosting our metabolism but also improves energy.

Unfortunately, the only way to get Vitamin B12 is through animal products.

So, vegans looking to make gains need Vitamin B12 as one of their supplements for building muscles.


Got air?

Workout sessions can cause loss of energy and make you feel dizzy. In these moments, your body needs a rush of oxygen.

Iron in hemoglobin helps transports oxygen from the lungs to the distressed tissues in the body 6. This helps with workout pains.

When oxygen reaches your tissues, their pain receptors sort of level out. Therefore, you no longer pay attention to the pain you are experiencing and regain focus on the task at hand.


Magnesium is the ultimate workout buddy. It is essential for over 300 bodily functions 7. When it comes to working out, magnesium helps soft tissues and body fluids.

This mineral is a catalyst for muscle contraction 8. Therefore, it is handy in preventing cramps and muscle spasms.

Licorice Extract

Fight or flight?

Not only is licorice extract an excellent supplement for building muscles, but it’s also one of the best for Leaky Gut Syndrome. However, we’re here to talk about getting your sweat-on. Working out is stressful to the body. When this happens, our adrenal glands produce cortisol, our fight-or-flight instinct.

Cortisol is that voice in our head saying we can’t push through our workout. To shut that voice up, you need to slow down the production of cortisol. Research shows licorice root extract may help achieve that goal by stimulating the adrenal glands 9. This reaction will be soothing for the stressed out gland, helping you push through the workout mentally.


This supplements for building muscles is actually a fiber that helps to reduce weight. While fiber is essential in flushing out toxins, glucomannan helps to reduce the absorption of fats in the body.

The nutrient gives you a feeling of fullness so that you don’t get urges to consume food at odd hours. Plus, the food that is leftover serves as food for your probiotics.

Probiotics and Microbiome Testing

As part of the Thryve Gut Health Program, you will learn one important thing–fats are essential. However, the fats we consume can make or break us. Therefore, we need to burn fat for energy as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we must make sure we have more beige tissue than adipose white tissue in our gut biome.

Ready to Thryve Inside?

Research shows that probiotics can help rebuild gut flora by turning white tissue into a beige color 10. This process is known as fat-browning.

Fat-browning makes our fat easier to draw energy from. When it’s white, the tissue is too sticky, making it difficult to withdraw nutrients. By turning it brown, you can continuously draw on energy that will push you through a workout.

Furthermore, brown tissue stimulates the tissue surrounding it. Therefore, as your body draws the brown tissue, it turns the white tissue around it brown as well.

At-Home Gut Test

To get probiotics for weight loss, you need to know which stomach bacteria you already have. You can figure this out by trying microbiome testing. With the Thryve Gut Health Program, we send you everything you need to discreetly take a gut test in your private bathroom.

Based on the results of your microbiome testing kit, we can formulate personalized probiotics that will serve as effective supplements for building muscles.

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